Regional winners of World Press Photo 2023 and dates of the exhibition in Barcelona

The World Press Photo Foundation has announced the regional winners of World Press Photo 2023, the world’s most prestigious photojournalism and documentary photography contest. This announcement includes 24 winning authors from the 6 regions into which the contest divides global entry, in each of the 4 categories: Single Photographs, Stories, Long-Term Projects, and Open Format, plus 6 honorable mentions, the contest of most prestigious photojournalism in the world.

Below, you will find the complete list of winners, although the great news for our country is that two spaniard photographers have been honored!

César Dezfuli wins a World Press Photo from the Europe region in the Open Format category, with the “Passengers” project that tells the personal stories of migrants who crossed the Mediterranean. Read an exclusive interview with Dezfuli at this link.

And Emilio Morenatti receives an honorable mention for “War Wounds”, a very personal report on amputated civilians in the war in Ukraine. Soon, we will also publish an interview with the author.

When will World Press Photo 2023 arrive in Barcelona?

All regional winners will exhibit their work at the World Press Photo 2023 exhibition in Barcelona, ​​which can be visited from November 9 to December 17.

The Barcelona exhibition will be organized by the Photographic Social Vision Foundation, for the ninth consecutive year, and will be held once again at the CCCB – Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, ​​with the main collaboration of the Fundación Banco Sabadell.

Tickets will go on sale next October.

From top to bottom, from left to right: 1- Africa Winner in Single Photographs. The Big Forget, by Lee-Ann Olwage (South Africa), Bob & Diane Fund, for Der Spiegel | 2-Winner of Southeast Asia and Oceania in Long-Term Projects. Death of a Nation, by Kimberly dela Cruz (Philippines), W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund, VII Mentor Program | 3- Winner of South America in Stories. Alpaqueros, by Alessandro Cinque (Italy), Pulitzer Center/National Geographic | 4- Europe Honorable Mention, War Wounds, by Emilio Morenatti (Spain), Associated Press | 5- Winner of Europe in Open Format, Passengers, by César Dezfuli, (Spain/Iran) for De Volkskrant.

Participation and themes of World Press Photo 2023

The World Press Photo 2023 contest has had the participation of 3,752 photographers from 127 countries and 60,448 photographs, with stories about conflicts, culture, identity, migration, memories of a lost past and glimpses of a near and distant future.

Representing events and themes from 2022 that were sometimes missed by the media, the winning entries in World Press Photo 2023 focus on some of the most pressing issues facing the world today, from the devastating war in Ukraine and the historic protests in Iran, to the reality of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and the many faces of the climate crisis from Morocco to Australia, Peru and Kazakhstan.

Of the 24 regional winners, 16 are locals (natives or residents) of the region in which they have developed their stories, and come from 23 countries: Germany, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Spain , United States, Philippines, France, Greece, Iran, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Myanmar, Peru, South Africa, Ukraine and Venezuela.

Brent Lewis, Photo Editor for The New York Times, Co-Founder of Diversify Photo and Chairman of this year’s Global Jury, said: “The photographs chosen to represent 2022 are indicative of this moment and will serve as historical documents of what was the year so future generations can look back and hopefully learn from them.”

From top to bottom, from left to right: 1- African Open Format Winner. Here, The Doors Don’t Know Me, by Mohamed Mahdy (Egypt) | 2- Winner of North and Central America in Stories, Maria’s Journey, by Carlos Barria (Argentina), Reuters | 3- Asia Winner in Single Photographs. Shireen Abu Akleh’s Funeral, by Maya Levin (USA), Associated Press | 4-European Winner in Long-Term Projects. Net-Zero Transition, by Simone Tramonte (Italy).

Two Spaniard authors, among the winners

The World Press Photo 2023 contest has recognized the work of two Spaniard authors. The young documentary photographer César Dezfuli (Madrid, 1991) has won a World Press Photo 2023 in the Open Format category of the European region with “Passengers”, a project started in 2016 and still ongoing about the complex reality of migration in the central Mediterranean, and the photojournalist Emilio Morenatti (Zaragoza, 1969) has received an honorable mention for “War Wounds”, a very personal report on civilians wounded in war in Ukraine.

Dezfuli’s multimedia project is based on an event that occurred on August 1, 2016. That day, a rubber boat with more than a hundred people was found adrift off the coast of Libya, one of hundreds rescued in the last years. That year, all-time highs were reached: 181,436 migrants were safely rescued, while 4,576 lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea. In an attempt to put a name and a face to this reality, to humanize this tragedy, César Dezfuli began the “Passengers” project, portraying all the people who traveled aboard that boat.

The “Passengers” project, presented as a multimedia website for the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, highlights various personal stories from the people who were traveling on that ship as they try to establish new lives on the European continent.

The fortunate coincidence that this same project, in a previous version, was one of the finalists for the I Beca Joana Biarnés, a Scholarship for Young Photojournalists, organized by the Photographic Foundation, also responsible for the World Press Photo exhibition in Barcelona. In addition, in 2017 Dezfuli had already presented a first approach to the project at DOCfield, the documentary photography festival in Barcelona that was also organized by the Photographic Foundation.

Read our exclusive interview with Dezfuli at this link.

On the other hand, Emilio Morenatti received an honorable mention from World Press Photo 2023 for his report “War Wounds”, where he portrayed civilians who suffered amputations as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

It is a very personal work, due to the photojournalist himself lost a leg in a war in Afghanistan. Here you have an exclusive interview with Emilio Morenatti.

From top to bottom, from left to right: 1- Winner from Africa in Long-Term Projects. Before It’s Gone, by M’hammed Kilito (Morocco) | 2- Honorable Mention in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Part of Me, by Nadia Shira Cohen (USA) for The New York Times | 3- Winner of Europe in Single Photographs. Yana and Victor, by Alkis Konstantinidis (Greece), Reuters | 4- Winner of Southeast Asia and Oceania in Stories. Home for the Golden Gays by Hannah Reyes Morales (Philippines), for The New York Times.

The regional winners of the World Press Photo 2023

Last year 2022, World Press Photo decided to implement a new territorial model, dividing the world into 6 regions to ensure a greater representation and diversity of authors and stories. In addition, since then, it has eliminated the thematic limitations of previous editions and created new categories focused on the format: Single Photographs, Stories, Long-Term Projects and Open Format.

The regional winners of each category compete respectively for World Press Photo of the Year, World Press Photo for Storie of the Year, World Press Photo for Long-Term Project and World Press Photo for Open Format. The four global awards will be announced on April 20.

This is the complete list of regional winners of this edition of the contest:



The Big Forget

Lee-Ann Olwage, Sudáfrica, Bob & Diane Fund, para Der Spiegel


New Capital

Nick Hannes, Bélgica, Panos Pictures

Long-Term Projects

Before It’s Gone

M’hammed Kilito, Marruecos

Open Format

Here, The Doors Don’t Know Me

Mohamed Mahdy, Egipto

Honorable Mention

The Nomad’s Final Journey

Jonathan Fontaine, Francia, Hans Lucas



Shireen Abu Akleh’s Funeral

Maya Levin, EEUU, Associated Press


The Price of Peace in Afghanistan

Mads Nissen, Dinamarca, Politiken/Panos Pictures

Long-Term Projects

Battered Waters

Anush Babajanyan, Armenia, VII Agency/National Geographic Society

Open Format

Woman, Life, Freedom

Hossein Fatemi, Irán

Honorable Mention


Ahmad Halabisaz, Irán

Honorable Mention

Faint Light in the Unfinished Building

Weimin Chu, China



Yana and Victor

Alkis Konstantinidis, Grecia, Reuters


The Siege of Mariupol

Evgeniy Maloletka, Ucrania, Associated Press

Long-Term Projects

Net-Zero Transition

Simone Tramonte, Italia

Open Format


César Dezfuli, España/Irán para De Volkskrant

Honorable Mention

War Wounds

Emilio Morenatti, España, Associated Press



The Dying River

Jonas Kakó, Alemania, Panos Pictures


Maria’s Journey

Carlos Barria, Argentina, Reuters

Long-Term Projects

Beautiful Poison

Cristopher Rogel Blanquet, México, W. Eugene Smith Grant/

National System of Art Creators FONCA/Getty Images

Open Format

The Voice of New York is Drill

Ashley Peña, EEUU, para New York Magazine



Oil Spill in Lima

Musuk Nolte, Perú/México, Bertha Foundation



Alessandro Cinque, Italia, Pulitzer Center/National Geographic

Long-Term Projects

I Can’t Hear the Birds

Fabiola Ferrero, Venezuela

Open Format


Johanna Alarcón, Ecuador, Magnum Foundation/Panos Pictures

Honorable Mention

World Champions

Tomás Francisco Cuesta, Argentina, Agence France-Presse



Retrieving the Dead

Mauk Kham Wah, Myanmar


Home for the Golden Gays

Hannah Reyes Morales, Filipinas, para The New York Times

Long-Term Projects

Death of a Nation

Kimberly dela Cruz, Filipinas, W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund, VII Mentor Program

Open Format

Australian Floods in Infrared

Chad Ajamian, Australia

Honorable Mention

Part of Me

Nadia Shira Cohen, United States, para The New York Times

What else will the exhibition offer in Barcelona?

For more than two decades, the Photographic Social Vision Foundation has defended documentary photography and photojournalism as tools to understand the world and encourage social transformation.

For this reason, Photographic has been bringing to the city of Barcelona the exhibition of the most prestigious international photojournalism competition in the world for almost 20 years. But it is not limited to showing the winning images, but also develops a program of complementary activities and provides a team of experts who offer exceptional guided tours.

The guided visits designed by the educational area of ​​the Photographic Foundation take the experience beyond the simple observation of the winning photographs, delving into the stories captured, the way they are shown and the current situation of the photojournalistic profession.

With the aim of bringing current issues closer to the greatest number of people and delving into their context, the program of guided tours is extended for another week -always with prior reservation-, aimed at the general public, educational centers and also companies.

In the last edition, Photographic offered guided visits to more than 6,400 people and more than 220 school groups, sharing the necessary tools to visually understand contemporary news. In total, more than 62,000 people visited the exhibition.

Many other news and activities related to the Barcelona exhibition will be announced in due course on this website and through the @photographicsv social networks.

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