World Press Photo 2022 regional winners and exhibition dates in Barcelona

The World Press Photo Foundation has announced the regional winners of World Press Photo 2022, the most prestigious photojournalism contest in the world, which in 2022 is committed to a new territorial model, dividing the world into 6 regions to ensure more representation and diversity of authors and stories. In addition, in this edition, the thematic limitations of previous editions have been eliminated and new categories focused on the format have been created: Individual Photographs, Photographic Reports, Long-term Projects and Open Format.

The regional winners in each category are respectively eligible for World Press Photo of the Year, World Press Photo for Graphic Report of the Year, World Press Photo for Long-Term Project and World Press Photo for Open Format. These prizes will be announced in the announcement of global winners on April 7.

When will they be exhibited in Barcelona

All the regional winners will exhibit their work at the World Press Photo 2022 exhibition in Barcelona, ​​which can be visited from November 4 to December 11. The exhibition in Barcelona will be organized by the Photographic Foundation, for the eighteenth consecutive year, and will be held again at the CCCB – Center de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona.

World Press Photo Barcelona 20022

Meet the regional winners

This March 24, 2022, 24 winners have been presented from the six new territories in which the contest has divided the world, in each of the four new categories. In addition, the jury has awarded an honorable mention in each region.

Here you have the Individual Photographs that have won in each of the six regions and that, therefore, opt for the World Press Photo of the Year.

The contest has had the participation of 4,066 photographers from 130 countries and 64,823 photographs. This year no Spanish author has been awarded. You can consult the complete list of regional winners at this link.

Rena Effendi, a photographer from Azerbaijan and president of the global jury, has declared that “the result of the selection of winners reflects the state of the world from a deeper and more nuanced point of view”.

A lucky coincidence

It is worth noting that the Photographic Foundation had already exhibited in Barcelona a part of the work that has now been highlighted as the best Long-Term Graphic Report in the European region. This is an in-depth and long-term investigation of the crisis in Ukraine, which the French photojournalist Guillaume Herbaut has been developing since 2014. And it so happens that a first approach to the subject was already selected in 2015 to be exhibited at DOCfield, the documentary photography festival organized in Barcelona by the Photographic Foundation, the same one that organizes the World Press Photo exhibition in Barcelona.

What else will the Barcelona exhibition offer?

Guided visits to better understand the current situation

The guided visits designed by the educational area of ​​the Photographic Foundation take the experience beyond the simple observation of the winning photographs, delving into the stories captured, the way they are shown and the current situation of the photojournalistic profession. With the aim of bringing current issues closer to the greatest number of people and deepening their context, the program of face-to-face guided tours is extended for another week -always with prior reservation-, aimed at the general public, educational centers and also companies.

In the last edition, Photographic offered guided visits to more than 5,000 people and more than 180 school groups, thus sharing the necessary tools to visually understand contemporary news.

Barcelona offers the exclusive online guided tour

For the third consecutive year and after the excellent reception, the online guided tour will be available again, which allows you to enjoy the exhibition from home as well as complete the face-to-face experience by deepening your understanding of its contents, thanks to a script adapted by the expert team of the Photographic Foundation. The online guided tour will be available through the Filmin platform (open for subscribers and for rent for non-subscribers) during the days that the exhibition lasts.

The online guided tour of the World Press Photo 2022 exhibition in Barcelona, ​​with a duration of about 40 minutes, can be enjoyed in both Spanish and Catalan and will also be available to the school public and the teaching group. Last year, the online guided tour recorded more than 15,000 views across the country.

And there will be many other activities, like talks and debates, that we will continue to report on this website and through Photographic’s social networks!

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Activities World Press Photo 2023

Activities World Press Photo 2023

The World Press Photo Barcelona exhibition, organized annually by the Photographic Social Vision Foundation, can be visited in 2023 from November 10 to December 17 at the CCCB.

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